Nguyen Long Quoc1,, Phan Tran Xuan Quyen 1
1 Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital

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Background: Monocyte plays a crucial role in phagocytosis. This case report describes a 50-year-old female patient with septicemia who manifested leucocytosis with neutrophilia and severe anemia during her infection course. The peripheral blood examination strikingly showed platelet phagocytosed by the monocytes. Methods: patient’s peripheral blood sample was obtained, spread, and stained with Giemsa solution, then examined under light microscopy. Results: several images of platelet phagocytosis by the monocytes were observed. Conclusions: platelet phagocytosis by monocytes can rarely be observed in peripheral blood in infective and inflammatory states such as sepsis, malignant diseases, and especially hemophagocytic syndrome. To our best knowledge, our finding may be the first time reported in Can Tho.

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